I knew she was trouble when she kissed me.

Her husband was missing, and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to find him. She had a sad story and a big diamond. The fringe benefits kept me interested, and the advice of dead authors kept me out of trouble–almost. I soon began to wonder if I was kissing a murderer.

McBride arrived at the gold camp completely unaware that he was entering another battlefield. Miners, businessmen, and outlaws vie for supremacy. McBride and his pistol could make all the difference–if a ghost from his past doesn’t get him first.

After an absence of over 100 years, the dragons have returned. Alex and Lucette must find the cache of the dragon magic before the dark commander with the power to compel men to his will finds the cache and crushes the cause of liberty. The pair will need all the help they can get from the dragon hunters and the smugglers to thread the rude eye of the rebellion.

Book One in the Tomahawks and Dragon Fire series

The return of old enemies and the corruption of the law threaten both McBride’s plans for happiness with Emily and the peace of the valley. Sheriff Upton is out to capture the entire vigilante organization, and McBride may not live to see tomorrow.

The commander and his minions pursue the fugitives in the race for the cache. Alex faces the repercussions from his use of the persuasion stone upon his friends. He must brave the wilderness and its dragons as well as the wrath of natives who have taken to the warpath to find the cache. Lucette faces new danger among strange creatures. 

Book Two in the Tomahawks and Dragon Fire series

Alex and Lucette find themselves at odds with their supposed allies. Will they make new enemies or forge a new alliance against the dragons, many of the natives, and the commander and his minions. Even their combined powers may not be enough against an unexpected foe which threatens to destroy them both.

Book Three in the Tomahawks and Dragon Fire series

The Americans are losing the war and a new power has risen to counter the efforts of Alex and Lucette. When Alex is forced to make a deal with the devil, neither Alex nor the cause may recover. Will he succeed in defeating his new nemesis, or will the American forces in the north be utterly destroyed?

Book Four in the Tomahawks and Dragon Fire series

Something is rotten in the USA.

Oppressive regulations, arrogant officials, and surveillance drones restrict movement, commerce, and basic necessities. The government boot heel is in full grind.Join three common men in the fight for their lives when a foray into the broken desert puts their families in jeopardy, and the fate of a nation hangs on the outcome. Never underestimate the men who love America.

Ruthless power against persistent hope in a race to solve an ancient puzzle in the prequel to the Tomahawks and Dragon Fire Series.

Ulf Thorsen and Lucette Lagardere are set on a collision course.

The descendant of Viking settlers in the New World, Ulf has grasped unfettered power and found that he likes the feel of bending men to his will.

Lucette’s family may possess a secret that could be the key to her country’s deliverance.

Their journeys will leave a crimson trail across the green fields of France, and lead them in death bedrenched to the opening pages Threading the Rude Eye in the exciting Tomahawks and Dragon Fire series

Is There No Hope?

The Patriot Cause is in jeopardy. The commander’s minions and King George’s troops are victorious on all fronts.

Can Lucette save Washington and his army? Will Alex be able to stand against Roberts’ devastating new weapon? Iago and Atu confront old enemies and encounter new ones. Rip and Antonio must help in a crucial mission to save the Cause.

Join them in the fight for a new nation.

Book 5 in the Tomahawks and Dragon Fire Series

Alex and Lucette take the fight to the commander in a bold enterprise to strike a decisive blow for liberty. Will their combined efforts be enough to save Washington’s army from the massive force poised to crush the rebellion?

Book 6 in the Tomahawks and Dragon Fire Series